Your Church Language Is Getting In the Way

Imagine, if you can, walking into your church for the first time. You are an unbeliever, showing up on your own for the very first time. Look around you and what do you see? What do you hear? Does it make sense? Do you understand it? Does it put you at ease and make you want to stay? These are questions I’m beginning to ask myself as I consider the philosophy and strategy that will drive some major communications projects in the near future. They are big questions. They are big questions because we have invested a lot of resources and thought power into the language we use to brand our programs, our values, and our church as a whole. Concepts that seemed brilliant at the time now make me wonder if we’re really being effective communicators or if we’re just talking to ourselves.

Versatility vs. One Big Thing

The belief that I needed to have “one big thing” suffocated me for years as I pressured myself into thinking that I had to be master of one skill. I wound up frustrated and empty handed in the end. When I finally embraced the fact that God made me to be diverse in my skill set, and useful in more than one area, I was inspired to chase after all of those different things. Now my biggest problem is deciding how to divide my time.

Battle Burnout with Simple and Effective Methods

5 Ways to Battle Burnout

So you started strong right out of the gate. Energized, motivated, ready to conquer the world with a “Hell for breakfast” mentality. But six months… 12 months… 2 years into it you’re waning fast and feeling like you just need to get out of there.  And maybe you do. But before you abandon ship into the vast unknown, why not make some purposeful changes in your life to battle the burnout.

How To Lose Your Vision

The steps to losing your Vision are really quite simple once you understand exactly what it is that you’re trying to lose. By Vision, I am referring to that lens through which you look into the future and make some attempt to aim at or achieve something. It is also that encompassing ideal… that faint…