Love the Process

Love the process

 “Thy lyfe so short. The craft so longe to lerne.” I like to do a little woodworking from time to time. When I was first getting started with it, I was limited by my tools and my skill, and for quite a while I really felt that limitation. I was frustrated, not just by those limitations, but […]

5 Ways to Battle Burnout

Battle Burnout with Simple and Effective Methods

So you started strong right out of the gate. Energized, motivated, ready to conquer the world with a “Hell for breakfast” mentality. But six months… 12 months… 2 years into it you’re waning fast and feeling like you just need to get out of there.  And maybe you do. But before you abandon ship into the vast unknown, why not make some purposeful changes in your life to battle the burnout.